Frequently Asked Questions about Duck Ranchin’

Where is this located?

Most of our hunts are located south of Clewiston near the Devil’s Garden area. Allow 25 minutes to get there from Clewiston.

Is this a Guided Hunt?

No. Or Yes. It depends. While most of our hunts are DIY, we do offer the opportunity for a guide to be in your blind if it makes you feel more comfortable.

What do you mean by “DIY” hunts?

In order to keep our prices affordable, we offer hunts where we manage the land, provide transportation to and from a spot, and the spot. You provide blind/cover, decoys, and seats.

So you don’t have any blinds?

In some locations, we do have blinds, or cover; that said, we are going to put hunters where the highest likelihood of shooting ducks will occur. If we have an area with a blind and no ducks, and an area without a blind and lots of ducks, which would you rather be placed in?

How much does it cost to hunt with you guys?

That depends a little bit on the day and your needs. On Saturdays, most of our hunts are $225/gun. If a guide is required in your blind, we charge a flat fee of $100. On Sundays, our hunts are on a different property or different portions of the properties that require a little more logistical support in getting to, so we charge $300/gun for those.

So, what do we need to bring?

Cover. Chairs. Decoys. Calls. Your guns and ammo and waders. Sunscreen and sunglasses and snacks. Basically everything you’d take if you were going on a duck hunt. Oh. And extra bug spray.

Waders or boots?

This is the most common question we receive. Waders are the only guarantee you’ll stay dry. That’s what we’ll respond if you text us or call us or e-mail us about this, if we respond to it at all. It’s Florida, it’s a cattle ranch. Nothing is level. Wear boots if you want. Heck, wear tennis shoes and shorts. But, for staying dry from outside water, waders are the only sure thing!

Where should I stay?

Clewiston has a number of hotels available – The Hampton Inn, Holiday Inn Express, Best Western (dog friendly), Roland Martin’s Marina are all regularly used by our clients.

Can I camp on the property?

Sorry – as much as we’d love to offer this to y’all, it’s just not feasible with the rules of the easements and the landowners and the logistics we’d have to handle. We’re providing the most affordable duck hunt we can, so camping/lodging is out of our hands!

I have a non-hunting observer – what does that cost?

Generally, it costs the same as a hunter. We get that you may have someone who’s not interested in pulling the trigger – but they still create the same impact for us as a hunter – we still have to move them around the property, handle waivers, pick ups, etc.

I didn’t get an invoice yet, and I filled out the form for the hunt – when should I expect it?

Soon. The invoices are not automated – we review every application and consider space, hunting experience, accessibility, logistics, etc, so it may take 3-4 days before it even gets to our accounting team to create the invoice.

I didn’t get a waiver yet?

Same deal as invoices, waivers are not automatically sent, there’s a manual process that takes place to keep everything straight.

Can we book as a single hunter?

Yes BUT we reserve the right to put you with another single or group of two. In order for this to work, we really need 3 hunters at a minimum per spot.

Do you have a limit on how many hunters we can have in a spot?

No, so long as you understand that killing a 10 man limit is much more difficult than killing a 3 man limit in Florida, and you’ve gotta hide all those people.

Can we scout?

No, we don’t allow scouting on the property ahead of time. This is mainly due to logistical hurdles.

Can I bring my dog?

Only if we’re allowed to pet it! Yes, dogs are welcome, but you are responsible for controlling your dog.

Are there gators?

It’s Florida. But we do control gators on these properties to the best of our ability. But it’s also Florida.

What if I don’t kill any ducks?

It’s our goal to put you in the best spot we can to ensure you have an incredible morning. That said, we don’t control the ducks, and sometimes things don’t work out the way we planned. It’s our hope that our clients understand that this is hunting, not shooting. We harvest as many birds as anyone, but we can’t make them fly. Our goal is to put you in the best position we can, and for you to enjoy a cattle ranch on conservation land in Wild Florida.

How do I book?

Click here!